Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! Ace Auto Protect maintains working relationships with all major repair shops, which include dealer repair centers.

When a part of your vehicle breaks down, you can bring your vehicle to any Ace certified mechanic/dealer/repair shop and we will take over from there. File a claim by calling us and speaking with a representative and we will speak directly with your shop of choice and pay them directly for the repairs needed.

Ace Auto Protect’s protection plans pay for parts, labor, and roadside assistance for any covered repair.

You will not need an inspection as long as your vehicle is running properly on the day you purchase your protection plan.

Yes! Call us anytime you are in need of roadside assistance and one of our representatives will help you immediately.

It depends on the protection plan you have signed up for. We offer plans with and without deductibles. Feel free to give us a call to set you up with the protection plan that is perfect for you.

Ace Auto Protect’s protection plans cover 100% of the costs for parts and labor for all parts covered in your plan.

Yes! Call and speak to one of our representatives to learn how to transfer your coverage to a new vehicle or owner.

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